We introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of High Temperature, High Voltage & High Frequency specialty PTFE Wire and PTFE Cable. Our products cover various kinds of application fields and our wide range of cables and wires areike PTFE Insulated R.T.D Cable, PTFE Tape, PTFE Insulated Cables or Wire, PTFE Hook Up Wires, PTFE Insulated Harness Cables, PTFE Multicore Cable, PTFE Sleeves, PTFE Wires / Rods and PTFE Wires and many more.

Having advanced manufacturing and testing equipments, we are recognised as one of the leading manufacturers in this field. Our products are manufactured by highly trained and experienced technicians utilizing modern production methods. We offer a wide range of standard products, and maintain a large inventory which allows us to ship the majority of our products from stock. We are determined to provide superior products, on-time deliveries, competitive pricing and great customer service.

Because of these attributes, Abwires has quickly become a leading supplier within the industries it serves, and we enjoy good reputations for superior quality, favorable price and prompt delivery to all our customers globally.