Our range of Sintered & Un-sintered PTFE tape and teflon tape have received wide acceptance in both commercial and industrial applications. Attributes like high elongation, impervious to weathering, excellent dielectric properties and more makes it highly convenient to use in difficult shapes. Coated with a high temperature tolerance adhesive, these PTFE insulated tape are superior wire wrap and insulation tape for high temperature and high dielectric applications. These teflon insulated tape are also used for various mechanical applications and offer low friction and non-stick properties. Furthermore, high elongation, optical clarity and exceptional resistance to UV are the key attributes of these PTFE tapes.


Grade / Type:     Unsintered / Sintered
Temperature:     – 65°C to + 260° C
Width:                  ¼ “ to 6.5”
Thickness:          0.002” to 0.040”
Core Colour:      All Electronics Colours.